Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Manila Hottie: ATH

I would like you to meet hottie ATH of Manila.

He's a student and likes to play basketball. No, I'm not being kinky.

He digs hip-hop music, but he also likes acoustic songs. Awww, a sensitive guy.

A hot sensitive guy.

Bounce Baby

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Hot EARL of Manila

Okay, sorry if my new post took a while. You have to forgive my busy offline life.

Anyway, here's one hot daddy mac. His name is Earl, 20 years old, from Manila.

He's currently in college, likes to play online, and a Matrix fanatic.

Those eyes gotta hurt some hearts.


Friday, November 25, 2005


TY: Hot Dallas Teen

Next guy deserves the recognition for being one hot guy from Dallas. Meet Ty, he's 17 years old.

Like most teens, he likes playing video games, playing DDR, watching anime and listening to Japanese Pop.

Ty sure is slippery when wet!


Keep the e-mails coming! We all know we can't get enough of adoring our hot guys in the neighborhood. Remember the address,


XXOOX Bounce Baby

Monday, November 21, 2005


GREG, The 3rd World Entertainer

Meet Greg. He's currently based in Brooklyn, but he always traces his roots back to the Philippines. Greg is into breakdancing and R&B, but he describes himself as a "3rd world entertainer".

Not convinced yet? Here...

Don't you love those striking eyes?

In his home country, Philippines, he works as a model and TV host, but he's always away from the limelight, preferring to chill out with pals.

Don't you just love that body? I know I do *wink*

Till then...

XXOOX Bounce Baby

(don't forget to e-mail me, localhotguys@yahoo.com.ph)

Saturday, November 19, 2005


2PE: Hot Programmer

I've met this nice guy and boy is he a cutie. Meet Chris, but he prefers to be called 2Pe.

He's in his 20's and works as a website developer and lives in Caloocan, Philippines. But don't be mistaken by his boyish looks because he carries some hot stuff.

Ooh, I wanna be hugged by those perfect biceps. Don't you like muscles that aren't too bulky? I like those in my hot guys.

If only all computer geeks are as hot as he is...sigh...


Do you think you are the hottest guy in your school or town? Or you know somebody who's hot but doesn't get much attention. E-mail the pics and info (like age, height, school/ work level) to localhotguys@yahoo.com.ph. I'll be waiting...


XXOOX Bounce Baby

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Cayo: Hot Guy From Stamford

This guy is also in my myspace network (can't tell you which degree though). His name is Cayo. He is 24 years old from Stamford, Connecticut. His passion: collecting refrigerator magnets from all over the world.

Catch is, he claims to be gay. Would you agree with that?

Even so, he's still HOT as hell and ought to be glorified in Local Hot Guys.


If you know of a hot guy in your area, e-mail his pic and info to localhotguys@yahoo.com.ph. They deserve the recognition.


XXOOX Bounce Baby


First Local Hot Guy: RAMZ

Welcome to Local Hot Guys, where I feature the hottest non-celebrity guys.

Hot guys are everywhere. They are in your school, your neighborhood, even in your friendster/myspace network. That is why I decided to create a site specially for these Local Hot Guys to be recognize.

If you know of a hot guy in your area, e-mail yours truly (Bounce Baby) at localhotguys@yahoo.com.ph.

For our first local hot guy, let's meet Ramz.

He's in my myspace network. If you think he looks hot enough with his clothes on.

Wait 'till you see him flexing his assets.

Ouch! That's hot!

You gotta admire that wonderful body of his. It's almost in Greek god status.


So you find him hot? Show your love and leave a comment.

Or better yet, if you know of any hot guy in your locality, be it in school, neughborhood or in your network, make him popular on the net by e-mailing his pic and info to localhotguys@yahoo.com.ph. Simple isn't it?

Be hearing from yah!

XXOOX Bounce Baby

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